“Based on my limited life experiences and set of standards and interests (forged by those experiences)- I found this thing to be good/average/bad.”

– Every critic and reviewer in the world, throughout history.

I’m a British Caucasian, born in the mid 1980’s, who grew up in the south east of England.

All of my tastes in entertainment – be it in music, television, film, video games, professional wrestling, radio, reading, poetry, theatre, pornography – ultimately stem from this basic description of my character.

There are things I enjoy and things I don’t, this blog is just an outlet for a few thoughts I feel like sharing with dis/similarly minded people on the net. You’ll either agree or disagree with my musings, but hopefully– you’ll chuckle from time to time.

tl;dr = I’m somebody with a keyboard. And Photoshop. Enjoy.


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