Something about Magician’s Academy

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Magician’s Academy (or Macademi Wasshoi) is a comedy featuring- amongst other things: a Magician’s Academy.

This is very much one of those “switch off brain and enjoy” kind of shows.


The Highlights of MA include:

  •  Episode 5

Reactions to episode.

In this episode appears what must surely be the most horrific villain(?) you’ll never want to encounter: Hapshiel; the muscular, sweaty, under-dressed, bisexual, masochist Angel with Flash Gordon background music, hell-bent on French-kissing anyone and anything he encounters.

Act 1 deals with the releasing and defeat(?) of Hapshiel, Act 2 deals with the gender bending of the main character, because why not?

  • Episode 8 (act 2)


Artificial Intelligence character Trincia falls in love with a rocket, the two share a light-philosophical conversation before the rocket eventually takes off. Get over the juvenile humour and you might find a genuinely sweet moment here.

  • The ED.


Catchy. Search for “Pastel” by Ayumi Murata.


The lowlights of MA:

  • See highlights. This show is every bit as terrible as it is brilliant.


Odd notes:

5 star translation.

Bad grammar too?

The subtitles for this series are undoubtedly the worst I’ve yet seen on There are times when whole lines of dialogue are translated simply as “*****”; meaning the characters are either speaking in a profane manner, or the translator was having a bad day.

I’ve yet to master the Japanese language, so can’t complain about inaccuracies much…


^…but even I could tell that the words uttered in this scene were clearly “German Suplex”. There is no such thing as a “Jomon” suplex.

You can’t be serious.

^A fan-sub group also mistranslated this line…

The Jomons get it wrong too.

^Funny that a GERMAN fan-sub would also make this mistake.

Learn your professional wrestling techniques, philistines.


ATTOT– Magician’s Academy is freely available in certain regions through:

It’s wacky trash, but at least it’s fun, wacky trash.

If you want to scare a newcomer away from Japanese cartoons, I would highly recommend you recommend them Magician’s academy.


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