Something about Ferris Bueller

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a comedy movie with only one joke in it:

Ferris Bueller is played by Matthew Broderick.

Don’t get it?

You see- Ferris Bueller is popular. Super-popular. Bigger than Jesus. Everybody knows him, everybody loves him; if he’s sick- people collect donations for him, send him flowers and strippergrams; he always outsmarts the Dean/ his parents/ snooty restaurant staff/ everybody; he has a hot girlfriend; he mimes songs in the middle of a parade and people applaud him like a rockstar.

Ferris Bueller is the greatest guy to ever not exist.

Once again- Ferris Bueller is played by Matthew Broderick.



I have nothing against Broderick, but come on now- am I really supposed to believe that Ferris Bueller is popular, even in this fictional universe?

Even the weediest of teenagers -male or female- would sooner pull Bueller’s underpants up over his head than greet him. He’s played by Matthew Broderick for christsake.


The Highlights of FBDO consist solely of:

The Sheen gaze

Charlie Sheen, credited as “boy in police station” and clocking in barely 5 minutes of screen time manages to completely steal the movie.

This kid has more charisma than Broderick

That’s pretty damn adorable.


Bueller’s final line in the film (not counting post-credit scene) is:

“Life moves pretty fast, (if) you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Well, fortunately- life did move reasonably fast this time, as FBDO only runs for 99 minutes. Unfortunately though- I didn’t look around… or away from the TV as I should have. I’ll miss those 99 minutes.


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