Something about Mysterious Girlfriend X

Expect spoilers.

A few things I discovered through watching Mysterious Girlfriend X:

1. Saliva comes in a range of attractive colours, including strawberry pink and lemony yellow.

Must have been the strawberries.

2. Hair-scruffing is hot.

How many couples tried this after episode 9?

3. People drool when they cry.

As if.

4. Women simply aren’t attractive unless they have dolls tied to their heads.

A Teddy is acceptable.


The Highlights of MGX include:

I was surprised, too.

Episode 11: The Boyfriend is tricked into attending a festival with his former love interest, the two find themselves alone together in a room. We all knew what was going to happen next:

  1. She forces herself onto him.
  2. Girlfriend finds out. Break up.
  3. Episode 12= Moping.
  4. Episode 13 = Make up. End of series. Yawn.

But shockingly- none of this happened. Instead:

  1. Girlfriend (in robot costume) crashes the party.
  2. Spit-tasting contest.
  3. Both Girlfriend and former love interest wind up nude.
  4. Situation resolved. Next episode moves on with the story.

I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.

Get into my car.

A handful of episodes featured these interesting dream sequences, with atmospheric lighting and this haunting, carnival-like music playing in the background (this music is played during other scenes too- including the hair-scruffing sequence above).

These were cool. Shame they didn’t feature as often as they should have.


Lowlight of MGX:

Weird, mate. Weird.

The awkward start of the relationship (a saliva-bond) is the only real low-point of the show. You’ll either quit or continue after episode one.

You get the feeling that somebody was trying to weed out the weak-stomached viewers as early as possible. Instead of easing us into the water slowly, the show plunges us straight into the deep end of the spit-pool.


Odd notes:

Urabe’s eyes are hidden most of the show, but when we do see them- her irises and pupils aren’t bigger than her head. Makes a nice change from what we’re used to seeing in Japanese cartoons. Soul-stealing eyes aren’t necessary to make a character endearing, after all.


At the time of typing – MGX is freely available through:

Clear the hurdle that is animated saliva- and you should really start to enjoy the show by episode 5. If you fail to clear that hurdle- things won’t get any easier for you.


One thought on “Something about Mysterious Girlfriend X

  1. I never find the drool stuff to be all that traumatizing. It’s maybe a little gross at first, but by episode 2 it’s no big deal. People that whined about it need to have their heads examined. This was a good series, but it moved a little too slowly and should have been a little less serious. It was worthy for at least one watch-through. I completely agree with you that the dream sequences were the best part. I was disappointed they didn’t figure in somehow plot-wise.

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